Course - “The Cannon Method”

The 6 step course to mastering your voice.

There are three course options:

Course ‘A’ - an intensive 2 hour session (normally one to one) cost £175

Course ‘B’ - a half day group workshop (x3 hours) cost £350

Course ‘C’ - x6 50 min sessions (one to one) cost £495

A worksheet and follow up assessment is included for each course.

Would you like to speak with greater influence and credibility? Are you interested in improving your vocal skills or overcoming speech problems? With proper control over the voice as a tool, anyone can obtain more clarity and resonance, a wider dynamic range, and ultimately more presence and power when speaking!

“Jimmy is a rare talent. generally the saying goes, if you can't do, teach. Jimmy is therefore someone who doesn't comply with this. He has amazing control over his voice and has the interpersonal skills and academic knowledge to be able to improve anyone lucky enough to be one of his students.” John Lunt - Real estate specialist at US Embassy.

I work with speakers, coaches and business professionals to help them sustain and protect their voice when speaking.

Course syllabus

Module 1: ‘Presenting a strong presence’ - body alignment

Your presence not only will give you gravitas, but will affect how you sound and come across to your audience. By changing the way you stand and hold yourself when speaking will make you more:

  • aware of your surroundings
  • in control of your speech
  • engaging to listen to
  • confidence to communicate

Module 2: ‘Supporting your voice’ - breathe placement

Correct breathing is crucial to communication, and with proper diaphragmatic control, you’ll be able to:

  • feel less stressed and anxious
  • speak with more tonal variety
  • create a larger dynamic range
  • produce more resonance
  • sustain the health of your voice

Module 3: ‘Improving clarity’ - articulators

Exercises that utilise the tongue, teeth and palate will increase the clarity of your voice enabling you to:

  • speak more clearly
  • engage with more people
  • get your point across
  • help you feel more confident

Module 4: ‘Creating a deeper sound’ - resonance

Manipulating all the ‘resonators’ in the body will give you more resonance, tonal variety and ultimately more:

  • authority when you speak
  • credibility
  • power and impact

Module 5: ‘Pitching with confidence’ - pitch

Experimenting with the different pitches in your voice will:

  • prevent you having a monotonal voice
  • give your sentences more lift and expression
  • keep the listener engaged

Module 6: ‘The power of projection’ - dynamic range

Being able to project your voice will allow you to:

  • reach more people
  • express yourself without effort
  • add power to your voice

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